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Vishal - Founder & Financial Planner

Vishal Gill

Founder & Financial Planner

Vishal Gill is a Financial Planner with over five years of experience in finance and over a decade of experience in business.

Before putting years of work into gaining financial literacy, Vishal made mistakes when it came to managing his money. Once he equipped himself with the right knowledge and expertise, he was able to empower himself with more knowledge about his finances. He was also able to feel confident making important financial decisions related to debt, taxes, line of credits, and much more. As such, he’s passionate about empowering others to do the same because he knows that learning how to manage your money is a gamechanger.
At Portfolio Planning, Vishal’s main job is to come up with creative ways to find solutions to your problems. He aims to break the negative relationship you might have with your finances and find innovative ways to make that relationship a positive, healthy one.

He knows he’s more than just your planner: he’s your consultant, educator, and above all, someone you’re putting a lot of trust in. Beyond financial planning, Vishal is a natural leader and impeccable collaborator. He spent the first few years of his career as a Senior Manager for Best Buy LTD, a well-renowned North American consumer electronics company. He was the youngest General Manager in the company’s history and during his time as a leader, he opened up multiple stores, spear-headed the consolidation between Best Buy and Future Shop, managed over 1,000 employees, and was responsible for bringing in $36 million in annual sales. His time at Best Buy taught Vishal how to increase efficiencies in business, which he still references today in helping his small business clients.

Vishal has been the captain on every sports team he’s been on and he genuinely cares about his people. Beyond his experience and knowledge, he’s committed to seeing you win, which is why he’ll always help you get in the driver seat when it comes to your money. Vishal Gill is the kind of financial planner that you want to add to your arsenal. Connect with him today so that he may help you on your journey.

Farrah Turcott

Para Planner

Farrah Turcotte is a personal finance coach, content creator, and podcast host.

She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Family Studies. In 2020, Farrah launched the Budget Bitch Podcast. In her podcast, she shares personal finance content to the masses with an emphasis on budgeting and breaking down financial jargon. Since launching her business, Farrah has dedicated herself to helping folks create personalized budgeting systems that work for their individual circumstances to grow wealth, pay off debt, save, and spend in alignment with their values. She combines her psychology background, holistic approaches, and love of numbers to help clients grow their financial literacy, confidence, and money management skills.

Jasmine Toor

Executive Assistant

Jasmine Toor is a highly skilled Executive Assistant with a proven track record in marketing and client management. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional client experiences, Jasmine ensures that the onboarding process is seamless, efficient, and stress-free. She is an expert in gathering all necessary documentation and navigating complex procedures, providing our clients with a smooth introduction to our services. You can trust Jasmine to be a professional and reliable partner in your journey towards a more lucrative future.